Josh White Design

About Me

Beginning as a graphic designer over 15 years ago, I have worked on projects ranging from small personal illustration to large corporations like Raytheon. As the web has evolved, I've now spent the last 8 years crafting my development, user interface and visual skills. Currently I live in Tucson Arizona with my beautiful wife and 2 boys.

The services I provide boil down to simple, clean and professional visual design for a reasonable price. A background in project management in the corporate world has given me a passion to listen well, work closely with my clients, and put an emphasis on making my customers happy. In short, I am very easy to work with!

If you have a project you are looking to start, drop me a line and I would love to have the opportunity to talk to you about it.

Why I Do What I Do

The average American will see about 3,000 advertising messages today.

Just about every message you see is on purpose. In other words, someone made it exactly the way it is for a reason.

Most large companies have a marketing department that fuels their advertising and produces high quality and very expensive marketing to get us to buy their products. But what about smaller businesses that don't have those same resources? That's where I'd like to come in. My passion is to develop compelling imagry that creates a connection between the visual identity of what my clients need to communicate to their audience.


Displaying pricing is a double edged sword. On one hand, as a consumer interested in a service, I would like to know a ballpark of what I would spend. On the other hand, seeing 3 pre-packaged deals leaves me feeling like the company isn't here to supply my individual needs.

Generally, I like to talk with my prospective clients long enough to fully determine their needs. Once obtained, I create very customized and individual proposals that include varying degrees of my services. My clients deserve to know what kinds of options they have rather than a pre-set package price. Once an option is chosen and even further customized if necessary, we then proceed.

I've built "microsites" for start-ups for under $500. More robust standard websites can range between $750 and $1,500. Larger and more complex website projects usually start at $1,500 and go up from there. I've developed custom business logos for as little as $250 and ranged to complete business identity projects leading up to $10,000. As you can see, it's very custom and varies significantly on the type of project you may have and requires an in-depth consultation prior to any estimates.

The Design Process

Many times I'm asked "How does the process work?" With over 10 years of experience in managing projects both large and small, I take the process very seriously. Workflow can make or break any project.

The process starts with the initial client meeting. Once I gain a full understanding of your goals, I begin doing research on the market that surrounds your business. What do your customers look like? How do your competitors market themselves? Who is your audience, really? And so forth. Once we fully capture where we want to take the design, we begin the actual concept phase.

The concept phase is where we dive in and begin really exploring many different looks that line up with your business strategy. This phase almost always remains in black and white. Once we start to narrow down a trend of what represents your vision, the design then hones in on those elements and refines it to a final concept

The final concept is now actually put into digital format and we begin looking into color schemes, different ways to play off of the final concept and eventually land on a series of designs that represent your vision completely in digital format.

The last phase is the production phase. This could simply involve giving you copies of all the necessary files to print your designs, or I can work closely with you to get all the marketing materials and collateral proofed, printed and delivered. I work very closely with local printers and offer my services to ensure you don't have to shop around.